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Food Safety

BlazerWilkinson strongly adheres to a Food Safety Program which reflects our company’s goal of reducing the potential of product contamination to its absolute minimum.

The key elements of our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Program are:

  • Prevention of problems before they occur
  • Risk assessments
  • Commitment to food safety at all levels, including full trace-back capabilities
  • Communication throughout the production chain
  • Mandatory employee education program at the operational level
  • Field and equipment sanitation
  • Integrated pest management
  • Oversight and enforcement
  • Verification through independent, third-party audits

Food safety continues to be an extremely high priority for BlazerWilkinson. The health and safety of our customers always comes first. Our approach to food safety implements the best practices at every stage of the production cycle, from planting all the way through harvesting, processing, cooling, and distribution.

We are committed to continuous improvement and will always work to ensure that the produce we pack conforms to the highest food safety standards.