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Our Growers

BlazerWilkinson has control over the entire growing process and therefore partners with superior growers and distributors to ensure the product you receive is exactly as you expect – consistent and of the highest quality. Entities like The Nunes Company and Darensberries are mainstays in the industry and perfectly aligned with BlazerWilkinson ideals and values – delivering fresh, safe, and delicious products 365 days a year.

Meet Our Growers


Daren Gee

Darensberries, LLC

After graduating from the University of Fresno in 1973, Daren decided to follow his dream and become a farmer. He quit his sales job, took a pay cut, and became an apprentice farmer in Oxnard, California. It was this experience that helped Daren pave the way for Darensberries, growing consistently top-quality strawberries in Santa Maria, California for the past 25 years.


Blake Wilkinson

Camarillo Berry Farms, LLC

Blake Wilkinson is a third-generation farmer with a degree in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Upon graduating college in 2005, Blake began his career working in the strawberry business and has continued with this passion for nearly 10 years. Blake transitions along with the berry season and covers ground throughout California as he inspects berries to ensure they are of the topmost quality.


Tim Borel

Blanco Farms

Tim Borel grew up in a family based in Bakersfield, California surrounded by the agriculture industry. He’s a third-generation farmer; his grandfather owned a dairy and his father grows row crops. Upon graduating from UC Davis in 1993 with degrees in Ag Science and Management, Tim moved to Salinas, California. He started with The Nunes Company in 1997. He’s been growing strawberries now for close to a decade.